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 If you are looking to buy a diamond you will find our interactive diamond buying guide above the perfect partner to educate and arm you with the knowledge you'll need to make an informed buying decision.

At Finnies The jewellers we only supply the highest quality diamonds within the specifications you request. The interactive guide will educate you in a very simple but effective way by showing you the differences between colours, cuts, carat and clarity. Regardless of wether the diamond is a replacement for an existing piece of jewellery or an investment, at Finnies the Jewellers you are in very safe hands when buying diamonds and we stand by every diamond we sell.

So what exactly are the 4 C's and how are they used to grade diamonds ?
The 4 C's consist of Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat weight, so let's explain what all that means when you are buying a diamond.

Clarity: As the name suggests this process grades the clarity of the diamond. So let's look at the GIA clarity scale and what the scale means

FL-Flawless: Any inclusions or blemishes are only seen by a professional grade using a magnification of 10x. The blemishes or inclusions are not visible with the naked eye.

IF-Internally Flawless  - An internally flawless diamond has no inclusions and any blemishes are only visible by a professional grader using a magnification of 10x.

VVS1\VVS2-Very, Very Slightly Included  - Any Inclusions are difficult for a professional grader to see using a  10x magnification

VS1\VS2-Very Slightly Included - Minor inclusions which are hard to relatively easy for a professional grader to observe using a magnification of 10x

SI1\SI2 Slightly Included - Inclusions in the diamond noticeable to a professional grader using a magnification of 10x

I1, I2, and I3-Included - Inclusions in this grade of diamond clarity are obvious using a magnification of 10x and this may affect transparency and brilliance of the diamond.

Colour: The colour using the GIA approved colour scale is based on the following sliding scale.

D - Z
D being the most colourless diamond and Z having some light colouring. The sliding colour scale is demonstrated perfectly on our interactive guide above.

Cut: Using the GIA approved cut scale, the diamonds cut will be graded from
Excellent-very good-good-fair-poor

Factors used in grading the cut include brightness, scintillation, fire, these factors are based on the diamonds  facing upwards appearance. The remaining factors used are
Ratio, Polish, durability and craftmanship. Again our interactive guide above demonstrates clearly the differences used in the grading of the diamonds cut.

Carat: Carat is the total weight of the diamond(s) used in a particular piece.

We hope you have found our interactive diamond buying guide useful and please feel free to discuss and questions you may have before making your purchase.