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Guide to Buying a Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is something you will wear for the rest of your life so it’s important that it is perfect. 

Ideally you should start wedding ring shopping 3 months in advance. It can be done at shorter notice however this may limit your options, Finnie’s offers complimentary engraving of initials & date on our wedding rings to make them unique to both of you. 

You and your partner don’t have to have matching rings, many ladies choose to add diamonds to their ring, whilst men often choose a metal that ties in with their watch. 



So do you go for Yellow, Rose, White Gold, Platinum or Palladium. 

Ladies, we would advise going with the same metal as your engagement ring, this is to avoid two different metals rubbing against each other and wearing. At Finnies we are able to offer all options however we regularly stock, Platinum, White Gold & Palladium. 

So what's the difference? 

Platinum- rare, most durable of all metals, pure white metal, hypoallergenic. These factors combined mean you will pay more than other metals however the durability is always better.

White Gold- robost, highly attractive, more plentiful which makes it less expensive than Platinum. White gold is naturally a yellow colour & is mixed with white alloys then rhodium plated to make it a white colour. The plating does wear with time however you can have this replated whenever you feel it is needed.  

Palladium- Similar to Platinum in durability & also a pure white metal, it's lighter than Platinum. It's realtively new to jewellery use & not in huge demand making the price considerably less than Platinum.

Starting Prices:

Platinum Ladies £245 Gents £590 

18ct White Gold Ladies £180 Gents £465 

18ct Yellow Gold Ladies £180 Gents £370 

9ct Yellow Gold Ladies £85 Gents £150 

Palladium Gents £225 



Many gent's have never worn a ring before, so it's a slightly strange feeling at first. Don't worry, 1 month down the line it will feel like second nature. 

First decision is the colour of the metal, yellow, rose, white or bi colour. If you wear a steel watch, a white metal might tie in well. Yellow,  the traditional choice, rose is gaining popularity also; or what about bi colour, yellow mixed with white, rose mixed with white or even white mixed with black. 

Second choice is width & profile, this really is personal preference & trying a few different widths to find what suits is essential. 

Third decision is profile and the are: Court - round on outside & inside, D Shape -  round on outside & flat inside, Flat- flat outside & either round or flat inside. Cost will vary depending on the width & whether you go for a light, standard or heavy ring profile. 

Last decision is the finish applied to the ring, theres many choices including polish, matte, textured & engraved.