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Fope - Based around the signature Novecento gold mesh design, Fope jewellery incorporates Italian design with high quality and timeless style, creating elegant and comfortable gold pieces. The brand is also the inventor of Flex’it, a patented system that makes bracelets and rings incredibly easy to wear thanks to tiny gold springs masterfully placed within the gold mesh chain. The headquarters and the factory are based in Vicenza in Italy, where the company was established in 1929.

Gold Jewellery

From delicate necklaces to triple-layered bracelets fastened by a beautifully set diamond clasp, Fope gold adds a touch of "la dolce vita" to any outfit with high quality and timeless style.


Focus on FLEX'IT

Based on the brand's signature Novecento mesh, the iconic Flex’it collections feature extensible bracelets that smoothly roll onto one’s wrist and ever comfortable stretchable rings, all solely made of 18 carat gold. At the heart of these pieces, there is a patented system FOPE invented which make them elegant and easy to wear, providing a contemporary take on everyday luxury.