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Keeping the sparkle

Keeping the sparkle

Finnies offer a complimentary yearly clean & check for life on our engagement rings to ensure your precious rings stay looking as good as the day they were first put on. During the rigors of everyday life, rings are subjected to considerable wear & tear. They can often be knocked without noticing which can leave stones loose or damaged in their settings. During the clean & checking process, the ring will firstly be gently cleaned to remove any residues such as hand creams and soaps which can harden and act like glue, the ring will then be inspected to ensure all stones and are secure and for any sign of damage, the ring will then be cleaned and polished and given a final check. This service takes about 3 days. If during the checking process any concerns arise relating to the security of our stones, the setting or the shank an estimate is provided with our recommendation for corrective repair work.

Other rings such as wedding rings can be cleaned and polished at a fee of £8 to £12 each depending on the style of the ring.

Please note white gold rings have a surface plating called Rhodium which may need to be re-plated each year, depending on the type and amount of wear the ring receives, the re-plating of the Rhodium surface takes 2 weeks and is chargeable at £30 per ring, other items such as bracelets or bangles can be estimated for refurbishment & re-plating.