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Interest Free Finance Available

With quality jewellery and watches, insurance is an excellent idea to protect your investment. To facilitate cover, an insurance valuation may be required.
Finnies the Jewellers can provide these valuations if required and also valuations for other purposes, estate valuation is an example for legal and tax purposes.
For all Finnies items with existing paperwork we can do valuations on site.
For items not purchased from Finnies, we use the services of an independent appraiser, Adrian Smith Surety Valuations, FGA, FIRV. He is the founder of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers and a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers. This enables us to provide impartial and accurate reports for our customers. All details can be found below at Surety Valuations website:

For items we send to Surety Valuations on your behalf of charges are:

  • Documentation Fee - £100 (for report folder, photographs and CD ROM) plus
  • £85 per item for gem set jewellery,
  • £55 per item for non-gem set jewellery
  • £85 per group for lower value items (approx 10 per group)
  • Diamonds over 1ct are charged at a higher rate £150 each, unless accompanied by a valid laboratory report- please ask for guidance/details.
  • This service takes 3-4 weeks

For items purchased from Finnies (with paperwork i.e. receipts, previous valuations) charges are:

  • Engagement Rings - Free of charge, with paperwork supplied
  • Other Items - Document Charge of £55 + 1.5% of the total value
  • This service takes 6 weeks

Watches purchased from Finnies or elsewhere:

  • £30
  • This service takes 3-4 weeks

Bring the items requiring valuation to our repairs counter and we will be happy to help.

For further advice on valuations please call us on 01224 636632 or email