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Bring on the Bangles

As we long for those hot summer days and long summer nights, certain pieces of jewellery kickstart that relaxed, assured summer vibe. Bangles and large hoop earrings immediately create that easy, chilled continental look. At Finnies we’re going big with bangles, and following up with the hippest hoop earrings. You may remember, we saw lots of gorgeous bangles at the Vicenza Jewellery Fair just the other month, when we headed to Italy. Bangles are certainly on trend for 2019, so here are our highlights. Designer Bangles Bangles are so versatile.... Read More

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our new blog, which will keep you up to date with the latest news and views from Finnies the Jewellers. You will also be able to view details on our competitions, special offers and much, much more. If you are an avid Facebook fan or like to keep up to date on Twitter, why not become a fan of our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

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The Italian Job – What’s Hot at the Vicenza Jewellery Fair

A highlight of every year is the Finnies trip to the globally renowned jewellery fair in Vicenza, near Venice in Italy. The amount and the quality of jewellery under one roof is dazzling. It’s the perfect place to spot new looks, and bring the best new designs and pieces back to our customers in Aberdeen and the UK. Dominique Dawson, third generation of the Finnies family, left the Granite City in search of all things sparkling, glamorous and delightful. After an early start, several espressos, and avoiding the temptation of a... Read More

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A Disney Proposal

We love a good proposal at Finnies, and we have a fairytale story (a Disney fairytale, no less) to share with you. (Spoiler alert – the big proposal is at the end of this post!) It all started a few months ago, when a young man named Barry, living just north of Edinburgh, emailed Finnies to enquire about designing an engagement ring for his girlfriend (and hopefully future fiancée) Claire. We’ve already shared how easy and relaxed it is to create a bespoke engagement ring, and Barry had a clear idea... Read More

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Behind the Scenes – How We Buy Our Diamond Rings!

Happy New Year to all Finnies customers and readers. We’ve got new stock for a new year, and we’re keen to share the stories with you. For example, have you ever wondered how jewellers choose the diamond rings dazzling in the display cabinets? Diamond dealing seems a secretive, glamorous world, but it’s part of the job, friendly and professional. Shopping for new jewellery is one of the most pleasurable part of our work. Each jewellery brand sends expert representatives to meet us at Finnies, to show us their most up to date designs... Read More


Bespoke Engagement Rings – Behind the Scenes

Our blogger, Janice Hopper, went behind the scenes in Finnies to find out how to create a bespoke engagement ring. This is what she discovered… I had assumed that creating a bespoke item would be paired with an horrendously expensive price tag – I thought the mark up would be crazy. I worried that the process could be overwhelming or intimidating. Put simply, I didn’t think bespoke jewellery was within my reach. I found that choosing a bespoke diamond engagement ring usually costs no more than buying one from the display cases.... Read More

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Ethically Sourced Dazzling Diamonds, with Finnies

Today it’s not unusual for customers to care about where their food and their fashion comes from. Are crops sustainable, are animals free-range, is meat traceable, are clothes produced in an ethical environment? At Finnies we’re pleased to see that this movement has extended to diamonds; the exploration for these gemstones, the mining process, and the treatment of the people, animals and terrain involved. At the end of the tale, the finished product is a thing of beauty. And to seal an engagement, or to give a gift, knowing the... Read More

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Strong Jewellery – Powerful Pieces with an Edge

We’re leaving pretty behind, moving onto strong, powerful jewellery, statement pieces that show you mean business. These sculptural creations want to be centre of attention: they’ll adorn you, they’re conversation pieces, jewellery has never been so confident. Step forward for Spring/Summer 2018. Georg Jensen At the minute the Scandinavians are leading the field with the strength of their work. Georg Jensen’s jewellery is truly innovative, and it’s taking bold design to another level. Their Sterling Silver Lamellae Twin Ring particularly stands out. It was inspired by the work of Zaha Hadid who achieved international prominence... Read More



  In our second post on Italy, we reveal what inspired Jewellery Consultant and third generation of the Finnies jewellery family, Dominique Dawson, at the Vicenza jewellery fair near Venice. Travelling with members of the family and other jewellers,  Dominique reveals what hot trends will be seen in 2018. Last time I talked about Big Rocks, Yellow Gold and Ethically Sourced Jewellery but there are stunning pieces still to come. Out of the 4,500 exhibitors on display, this is what really caught my eye and got the team talking. Bold and Beautiful... Read More

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Jewellery Trends From Italy to Scotland

Jewellery consultant and third generation of the Finnies jewellery family, Dominique Dawson reveals the latest trends straight from Italy. Every year we attend the esteemed Vicenzaoro jewellery fair in the north of Italy. It’s a barometer of jewellery design trends for the coming year, and in 2018 over 4,500 exhibitors attended so I was spoilt for choice. I’m excited about the pieces we’re bringing back to Aberdeen so here’s the latest. The first thing I noticed were the diamonds. Last year’s rings were long, from knuckle to knuckle, this year’s diamonds are also... Read More